DCUO Sells Out, SOE Sending More Units to Retail

While many MMOs fail to make a serious impression on the gaming industry, DC Universe Online has a serious chance at capturing not only MMO fans, but also comic book and console fans. Even though the game has been out for less than a week, DCUO is selling better than hot cakes, with publisher SOE apologising for the limited stock and promising to send more to retail as soon as possible.

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment explained on his twitter that the game was sold out in most stores:

More units of DCUO are otw [on the way] to retail. The game is sold out in a lot of stores. Sorry. More coming asap

A later tweet shows that not only are the people buying the game in droves, but that they are also continuing to play the game, with servers at maximum capacity – despite the publisher already having added new servers:

We are hitting very high usage on our servers and are working on adding capacity. Sorry for any short downtime while we are doing that.

With Sony Online Entertainment having predicted big things for the apparently $50 million blockbuster game, sales must have been truly incredible to beat their expectations.

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