Home ‘Conspires’ to Add Two New Games

January 20, 2011Written by Max Murray

Get ready to dust out your avatar’s apartment, PlayStation Home is in for some great new content this week. Fans of the XMB’s underdog have seen their fair share of clothing updates and new spaces for current game releases, but later today, two new games are set to invade Home that promise to be unlike anything else ever experienced in the virtual world.

Jet Set Games, an indie development team with previous concentration in the App store, has been working on their title, Conspiracy, and optimizing it for use with avatars in PlayStation Home. Players will be able to step into an espionage-world, inside their world, where cooperative gameplay and stealth action spells success. Locked deep within enemy territories are bits of intel that are practically begging to be stolen, as long as you can form the correct alliance and defeat the high-tech security system in a blaze of bullets.

Conspiracy also promises upgradable elements based on performance, and a leaderboard to identify the true spy among all of your Home-boys:

“Unlock bonus items and abilities through in-game rewards and purchasable upgrades while earning points for your faction and increasing your standing on the leaderboards. Avoid detection or crush the competition with sledgehammer-like force – all in your quest to uncover the secrets of Conspiracy.”

Second up, we see a title by new development team, The Odd Gentlemen, that brings the desire to slap someone in PlayStation Home to reality. Slap Happy Sam is a fast paced multiplayer romp that puts timing and chance in between you and a nice five-finger greeting to the head.

Both titles hit later today and, of course, are open and free to all. Go give ’em a shot, and tell us what you think below!