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3D was Considered for the NGP

January 28, 2011Written by Adam Wolfe

Announced on Thursday, the NGP comes packed some pretty impressive specs, but the device is missing one thing – the addition of any kind of 3D functionality. With the 3DS on the horizon, some gamers may be wondering why this feature was missing, especially given Sony’s support for 3D with TVs, cameras, movies and the PS3. Looking to clear this up, Sony explained why the decision was made to not include 3D.

In a recent interview with PC World, SCEI head, Kaz Hirai, had this to say about 3D for the NGP:

We looked at the possibility of doing 3D on the NGP.

He then went on to add that they ultimately decided against 3D, after they had some discussions with software makers. He also had one final word on 3D.

We decided to forgo 3D, at least for the time being.

So it does look like Sony is still exploring the possibility of 3D coming to future handhelds, perhaps the PSP3.

So are you concerned that the NGP is not including 3D, or is 3D in a portable system not that big of a deal?