Fight Night Champion Demo Packs a Punch

Typically, prior to the release of an upcoming game, publishers will get the hype rolling with the release of trailers to tease their title. It’s not very often that a trailer is released for simply just a demo, though. However, EA Sports did just this for the upcoming demo of Fight Night Champion.

Releasing a full month before the game’s March release date, the Fight Night Champion demo will hit the PlayStation Store on February 1st, giving prospective boxers a huge chunk of what’s to come in the latest of the Fight Night franchise. Featuring a roster of four renowned fighters, including Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquio, and Miguel Cotto, the feature-filled demo showcases the new controller layouts and physics of the realistically detailed environments and characters. Check out the demo’s trailer for yourself below:

Proclaimed as one of the most anticipated sports titles of 2011 by one of our favorite media outlets, Fight Night Champion looks as if it will definitely live up to expectations. Fight Night Champion hits store shelves on March 1, 2011.