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Xperia Play to Get Super Bowl Ad Debut

Everyone has assumed that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, formerly known unofficially as the PlayStation Phone, would be revealed at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. But according to an ABC News Nightline special on Super Bowl advertisements, the Android-based gaming smartphone will be shown for the very first time on a much more grand stage — the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the biggest television event of the year, demanding millions of dollars from advertisers vying for a mere 30 or 60-second TV spot to reach the most consumers possible for their advertising buck. Over 100 million people are expected to tune in to Sunday’s big game, and during the telecast, Sony Ericsson is apparently planning on taking advantage of the massive viewing audience by running a commercial for the Xperia Play smartphone.

During a segment on tonight’s episode of ABC News Nightline called “The Sign of the Times” focusing on Super Bowl ads, Sean Bryan, Group Creative Director for McCANN Worldgroup, revealed that he has been working on a new “top secret” TV spot set to debut during the Superbowl for a “new gaming phone from Sony Ericsson”. When asked why the project was such a big secret, Bryan replied:

Well, it’s the launch of a new product. We want people to know it’s coming, but we want them to wait to see the phone.

Sorry Sean, we’ve already seen it. Again and again. As evident by the snippets of footage shown during the segment, it’s the same commercial that was leaked earlier this week. A commercial that took 4 months of production including 9 days of shooting in Thailand.

Keep your eyes peeled during the Super Bowl to see the PlayStation Certified Sony Ericsson Xperia Play commercial live, or you can see it now by clicking here.