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Killzone NGP Developed by Sony Cambridge

Several months back, we found out about Sony Cambridge Studio working on a “high-profile, multi-million selling franchise” according to a job listing from Sony Computer Entertainment. No specific platform was stated in the listing but, because it involved a blockbuster franchise, many were too quick to assume that it was a PlayStation 3 game. As it turns out, however, the European studio is going portable again.

After developing LittleBigPlanet for the original PSP, it was clear that the studio was capable of optimizing a game for a handheld device. It is most likely for this reason that the UK development house was selected to develop Killzone for Sony’s Next Generation portable. Working alongside Guerrilla Games out of Amsterdam, the two teams are collaborating to bring the same console experience for the upcoming NGP. According to senior producer at Guerrilla Games, Stephen Ter Heide, in an interview with Gamerzines:

We’ve been working with them very closely for a couple of years now. They’ve been helping us develop actual Killzone content for all the games. We feel like the game is in good hands. We’ll still oversee it because the universe is something we’ve built up, we know the war and the rules that have been established, but they’re driving the development.

With Naughty Dog collaborating with Sony Bend, Insomniac Games working with Nihilistic, and Guerrilla Games overseeing Sony Cambridge, it’s safe to say that all of our favorite PlayStation franchises are in good hands. Hopefully, we will see at least one of these franchises at the launch of the NGP.