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The PS3’s Biggest Developers are Passing their Property for the NGP

Sony’s incredible new handheld gaming device, codenamed NGP, has an unbelievable lineup of games on the way. But some of the biggest titles aren’t coming from the expected developers.

It didn’t seem possible, but the NGP is capable of running some unbelievable stuff. We’ve seen footage of a Killzone, Resistance, and even an Uncharted game. Uncharted in your pocket? It’s all surreal. But what’s this? Naughty Dog won’t be handling Uncharted, and Insomniac won’t be handling Resistance. A Game Informer preview revealed that the NGP Uncharted game is being developed by Orgeon-based Bend Studio, owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. Bend is mostly known for the well-received Resistance: Retribution, and the Syphon Filter franchise.

Ironically, Bend Studio won’t be handling the next portable Resistance title. Insomniac Games will passing the Resistance torch to Nihilistic Software. Now if that name sounds familiar, it should. PlayStation Move Heroes, the upcoming crossover title of the PS2’s platformers, is currently being developed by Nihilistic.  They have experience on the PS3, so the NGP shouldn’t be that much different.

Nihilistic Software recognised that they have big shoes to fill, but are confident that they can meet expectations, tweeting:

We are working hard to deliver an experience worthy of #Resistance & the #NGP platform!

These new developers are certainly capable of the the burden placed before them, and it shows where the focus goes. Naughty Dog and Insomniac are solely focused on Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 respectively, so their resources won’t be split between a console title and a completely new portable platform.