Catherine Demo Pulled from Japanese PSN, Not for Being Too Weird

Thought that Catherine looked pretty interesting, but didn’t get around to downloading the demo on your Japanese PSN account? Looks like now you’re out of luck.

The Catherine demo has been on the Japanese PlayStation Store for just over a week and a half and it already seems to be taken off. Why? It wasn’t any type of regulatory office like CERO, the Japanese version of the ESRB, that took it down. It was actually the game’s publisher Atlus. Apparently the game was scheduled for only a limited quantity and it just exceeded the maximum number of downloads, with the publisher’s budget covering only a set number of downloads due to the PSN Fees Atlus pays for every download. They didn’t tell anyone the demo had this restriction, nor did they actually say what the restriction was! Oh well.

If you were lucky enough to download the demo, don’t plan on getting rid of it any time soon. We don’t know if there will be a US or UK/EU localized version of the game, so it might be the only chance you have to play it for quite some time. For anyone else, you may want to go download the demo to every other Atlus game out there. They too might be on a download restriction that no one knows about!