Jaffe Weighs in on Stopping Cheaters and Hackers

To say that David Jaffe is an outspoken developer is like saying Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was an average video game. Ranging his inputs on everything from game sharing to new hardware, the original God of War guru is sure to add his own spin to his words of wisdom. With all the latest ongoings of hacking the PS3’s infrastructure, someone was bound to tweet the co-founder of Eat Sleep Play regarding the matter.

The specific question placed on the Twisted Metal series founder and developer pertained to the implementation of locked game saves for the upcoming car combat title for the PS3. In response, Jaffe colloquially responded to the demands of many gamers by promising that he would not ruin the fun of others because of cheaters and hackers. As seen on his Twitter page, his multiple tweets read:

Oh **** ****ing up everyone else’s good time for cheaters and hackers. **** them. Let people cheat- who gives a ****. I’d rather someone have 1000 ****ing platinum trophies cause they cheated vs. pissing off a genuine customer who just wants to ****ing take his saved game from the tv down in the living room up to his PS3 in his bedroom. All this obsession over cheaters and people getting to the top of leader boards unfairly so we gotta put in all this code that ****s up the experience for normal players. I’m done. ****ing done with it. It’s not a presidential election. Rather a few people slim thru and not mess up the good time for everyone else. Ok finished 🙂 Back to the focus test 🙂

Well, there we have it: Twisted Metal for PS3 will not have copy-protected save data. Not having locked save files in a game makes it convenient for backing up and transferring purposes but is it honestly a big deal? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. Twisted Metal for PS3 launches this year from David Jaffe’s studio, Eat Sleep Play.