Dylan Jobe Gives Update on PS3 Project

LightBox Interactive head Dylan Jobe has been teasing fans about his secret PlayStation 3 project for quite some time now. While it’s widely believed that the developer has been working on Warhawk‘s sequel, Starhawk, Dylan has remained extremely light tipped regarding his PlayStation 3 exclusive which has been shrouded in mystery for over a year now. He’s now given an update on the secret game.

Speaking about the mystery project on Twitter, Jobe said:

Last couple weeks have been spent cranking on builds for SONY. Lots of good play-tests and game improvements. Keeping the new game under wraps for this long is tough, and very hard on our fans. But will be worth it all in the end!! Fans deserve real game footage and not a BS pre-rendered trailer. That’s tricky ’cause pre-rendered trailers are much “safer” to do. But all the investment and time in the game itself is ultimately the right direction. For the product *and* for the fans!

We can’t help wonder when the game will be revealed, with GDC around the corner the title could make a surprise appearance, but a later E3 reveal seems far more likely as the team are determined to only show real footage.