Get Climbing with Catherine Trophy List

Catherine has just released in the land of the rising sun and with it comes the trophy list for this Action-Adventure puzzle game from the team at Atlus. In Catherine players take control of Vincent as he dates girls and lives his very weird dreams. Even more weird are some of these trophies below, but beware, spoilers abound as we have listed the hidden trophies.

In all, Catherine boasts 50 total trophies.

Then There Were None – Continued to stay home all the guests at the bar.

Press Summary man – Press together with five stones (Golden Theater play.)

Alter Conquered! – 1 Babel, “Alter” was cleared.

Dr. Whisky – I heard all the whiskey trivia.

Obelisk Conquered! – 3 Babel, “obelisk” was cleared.

Dr. Cocktail – I heard all the cocktail trivia.

Coliseum mode, lift the ban? – Scenario mode is cleared.

Determination of journalists – Was Justin’s problem solved.

Invitation to Babel – Normal Gorudopuraizu get over the first.

Dr. Beer – All heard of beer trivia.

Mamers man – Conducted a total of More Than 20 e-mail reply and left the bar, the last day.

Menhir Conquered! – Babel 2, “Hill Men” was cleared.

The three-star guy – Normal Gorudopuraizu three stages over the acquisition.

Five Star Man – Normal Gorudopuraizu get over the five stages.

That song tonight – Change the song in the jukebox in the lounge.

Nightmare Beginning – Stage 1 cleared.

All You Need Is Love – Daniel solved the problem.

Correction of love – Archie solved the problem.

Graduated from the rule – Todd solved the problem.

Dr. Sake – I heard all the trivia sake.

Last drink – Was Morgan’s problem solved.

Slide Man – “Ice stone” stone slid more than 5 minutes (Golden Theater play.)

Slump in the blast – The explosion, involving More Than 14 stone (Golden Theater play.)

Beyond the pile of mystery – Rapunzel cleared 64 stages.

Takeshi Hide Nowhere – Solved the problem for everyone.

Less haste – “Black stone” to move 10 times in a row (Golden Theater play.)

Superman – Stone “jump” in the three consecutive jumps (Golden Theater play.)

Every man’s dream hand brewed – All saw the ending.

Cheers for a great night! – Get all the trophies.

‘Court hearing’ pass! – Stage 4 is cleared.

‘Penal torture’ break! – Stage 3 Was cleared.

‘Clock Tower’ attack! – Stage 6 Cleared.

‘Courtyard storm’ cross! – Stage 5 Cleared.

‘Road to the altar’ 踏破! – Stage 7 Was cleared.

‘Prison sinners’ Escape! – Stage two Was clear.

At That Time Remains – Reunited with the love end (normal girlfriend) saw.

Good Day, departure – Marriage ended with my lover (True lover) saw.

Guddonaitobeibi – Get the air-end (bad lover) saw.

The Invincible Man – The other end swung cheating (cheating Bud) saw.

Achievement of legend! – Stage 8 Was cleared.

And cook without permission – Saw the end choose to give one person (normally free).

Lord of the Night – Cheating partner marriage to end (True affair) saw.

Sleepless nights – Reunited with the affair partner end (normal affair) saw.

Uninterrupted journey – Saw the departure end (true liberty.)

Mystery from the Mystery out – Rapunzel saw hidden.

Prince of the Legend – Rapunzel saw the truth

Freedom’s true! – 9 clearing the stage.

挑 Mubeki man to God – Normal Gorudopuraizu get over the whole stage. Needed to get the prize Stage4 Babel challenge.

The birth of a living god! – Final Babel “Axis Mundi” was cleared.

Guy golden shine – Obtained for all stages in the Hard Gorudopuraizu.