Crysis 2 Demo Coming in Only Two Weeks

March 2, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

A lot of the games being shown at GDC won’t be available until much later this year, but Crysis 2 will be hitting store shelves very soon on March 22nd. It turns out gamers will be able to get their hands on Crysis 2 even sooner than that.

At a GDC press event, EA announced a multiplayer demo for Crysis 2 will arrive on PSN on March 15th. The demo is the same one that was available on PC two weeks ago, and is currently on Xbox Live. Xbox Live members had access to an earlier multiplayer beta, and their feedback has gone into development of the multiplayer portion of the game.

The upcoming demo will feature two game modes: team instant action and crash site. Team instant action is a variation of team deathmatch, and crash site is a capture-the-zone type mode. Players will battling on the Peir 17 and Skyline maps. Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for all your GDC news.