Deus Ex Release Date Coming Soon

March 5, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Get ready to find out when the new Deus Ex will be letting players everywhere augment their cybernetic arms.

Square Enix’s follow up game to the two previous Deus Ex titles looks absolutely gorgeous, but last years sales taught them an important lesson most people learn in high school: beauty isn’t everything. After poor sales on key titles last year, they’ve reconsidered the paths certain games in development are on, in particular Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Originally scheduled to release a week from now, it was announced a few months ago that the action role playing game would be delayed into the next fiscal year. Now thanks to a tweet from the game’s director, Jean-François Dugas, we know that the official release date is coming soon:

Of course ! The release date will be announced next week! What about that! 😉

So all next week we’ll be keeping an eye out for that announcement, since it appears that Eidos Montreal will be bringing us beauty and brains when Deus Ex releases. The franchise has proven before that first person shooters and RPGs can be a good mix, so hopefully later this year we’ll find out if it can do it again.