Blizzard Just Might Beckon Hell for Console Gamers with Diablo III

March 16, 2011Written by Max Murray

For the last few months, Diablo 3 has all but entirely consumed Blizzard Entertainment’s Q&A sessions after they stated that with the proper integration, a console version of their hugely successful dungeon crawler was a distinct possibility. Last month, Mike Morhaime, CEO at Blizzard Entertainment confirmed the group was still looking into it, this time hinging the prospect greatly on the fate of Steamworks coming to the PS3.  Now a month later, Blizzard wants us to know they haven’t given up-  the demon of a problem is still high on their hitlist.

Morhaime mentioned the job posting found on Blizzard’s site recently that requested a couple of console related developers and confirmed that ongoing investigations are being conducted to determine if a console version of Diablo 3 would make sense. He also mentioned that of all Blizzard games, this is the one best suited for a cross platform transition.

“We haven’t made any decisions yet, but a lot us feel that if ever there was a Blizzard franchise that could play well as a console game, then that’s probably it.”

There was talk following E3 last summer about Valve looking into cross platform play between PC’s and the PlayStation 3 with Portal 2. Now, with the worlds biggest publisher behind the idea, we can’t help but let our minds be enveloped with visions of a living room filled with PlayStations and computers all lanning together in beautiful, demon slaying harmony…