Modern Warfare 2 Anti-Hack Patch Proves Effective, Online Play Clean as a Whistle

Its only been a few weeks since Infinity Ward released the latest patch for Modern Warfare 2 to combat hackers and modders in order to clean-up the online portion of the game and actually make it playable again. We’ve spent quite a bit of time online with this latest patch, and here’s what we’ve found.

Admittedly, it was very easy to be skeptical of Infinity Ward’s latest endeavor to rid the Modern Warfare 2 online world of folks who essentially made the online portion of the game unplayable, especially since hacking, in the form of challenge lobbies, has been around since the beginning. Throughout the past two weeks we’ve put in some serious time on Modern Warfare 2, and have discovered that this patch, believe it or not, actually works. We played in dozens and dozens of online matches, and hackers were essentially non-existent. We did run into a few modified lobbies which seemed to be confined to the search and destroy portions of the game, but, other than that, the other online modes remained completely clean.

Gamers can now consider Modern Warfare 2’s online mode to be completely playable again.