Namco Bandai Rolls Up Trademark for New Katamari

March 29, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

It has been a while since gamers have had the pleasure of rolling their Katamari across a landscape of goodies, picking up everything in its path.  In fact, PlayStation 3 owners last experienced this guilty pleasure back in 2009 when Katamari Forever released exclusively for the console.  With that in mind, a new trademark has been discovered and we certainly hope that a new game is on the way.

Katamari Amore or Katamari Amore: Rolling Whopper was trademarked in Europe back on the 25th of this month and might just be that next Katamari game we all need and want. Either that or Namco Bandai has a promotion with Burger King to sell Whoppers, but we are thinking it’s game related.

Now that everyone is hungry, what do you think about a new Katamari, let us know in the comments.