“Wii 2” Could Feature Blu-Ray

April 19, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

Rumors have been circulating from various sources that Nintendo is prepping to announce a successor to the Wii sooner than was anyone thought—perhaps even before E3. While that in itself may not have been a huge shock, the idea that Sony tech might be featured in the upcoming hardware should be.

Although not confirmed, Blu-ray.com has reported that a source informed them that Nintendo is evaluating Blu-ray as it’s next-gen optical format.  With the Wii lacking HD support, yet attempting to position itself as a media hub for the family, (i.e. Netflix) this would be a logical next step. Changing the drive format would also solidify a commitment to HD—at least in some fashion—that previously has lacked from team Nintendo.

Much about this however is unclear. Will Blu-ray be used just for game storage? Will BD movie playback be enabled? Those questions are arguably some of the most important, yet one of the answers were not alluded to by the source…at least at this time. With the days to E3 dwindling, expect more on this to develop in the coming weeks.