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Sony States that the PSP Go is Still Alive in North America

Rumors have been flying around over the last several days, along with confirmation that the PSP Go was dead in Japan and the United Kingdom. Many hastily concluded that the device is long gone, but SCEA have now announced that the PSP Go will still be sold in the US.

In Japan, Sony stated that, “in order to concentrate on the NGP”, PSP Go production would be halted. The PSP-3000 would continue its life uninterrupted, and would become the company’s sole portable machine on the market. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe also seem to have made a similar statement, but that isn’t the case in North America.

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the digital device, Joystiq contacted SCEA for a status update for its publishing region. They asked if the company was still shipping and manufacturing the portable, and in return they received a fairly straightforward answer: “We are continuing production of PSP Go for North America.”

Now the only question is, how long will this last, especially with the NGP on its way?