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Final Fantasy Type-0 Screens, Art, Official Site Graduate to Internet

April 23, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Now, it would seem apparent that Square Enix is ready to get the hype train rolling in full force, the only way a huge company working on a high-budget title can do. Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSP, in addition to taking up a big spread in the latest Dengeki PlayStation Magazine in Japan, saw the launch of its official website today, which is currently headlined by a pile of images. Oh hey they’re also right here.

The characters shown are the three main characters, all members of the Suzaku, which is a magic academy. They’re in class Zero, from which the game surely draws its name. The man with the mask is their teacher, Kurasame. Also note the newly confirmed (but of course expected) presence of the Final Fantasy series staple and perhaps unofficial mascot, the chocobo.

Formerly known as “Final Fantasy Agito XIII,” the official website for Type-0 can be found here. As of now, you can stream three songs from the original soundtrack, so give her a click and check that out if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy tunes.