Street Fighter X Tekken Screens Gonna Rough You Up

April 28, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Capcom has made several new images available of its upcoming crossover Street Fighter X Tekken. Finally giving fighting game fans something they’ve surely dreamed about for years and years, the images below show Ryu and Kazuyo duking it out, Guile and King going at it, Chun-Li’s legendary “thunder thighs” giving it to Bob, and Nina Williams giving Ken a rising elbow he’d best try to avoid in the next round. Sure to please the masses, the screens show off the game’s tag team play as well.

Here are the shots:

Street Fighter X Tekken is expected to be released worldwide, arriving next year for the PlayStation 3, Windows PCs, and Xbox 360. Being developed and published by Capcom, the game will use a fighting system leaning a lot more towards the traditional Street Fighter game mechanics, rather than those of the Tekken series. More specifically, it will play closely to the recently released Street Fighter IV and include its EX attacks, super combos, and the SF characters will likely retain many of their signature moves and controls.