DC Universe Online Merging its Players to “Super Servers”

Sony Online Entertainment’s latest foray into the MMO universe seems to be doing well since it’s January launch, becoming the publisher’s fastest selling game ever, but has the success been short lived?

DC Universe Online may have been adding servers like crazy near launch, but it seems that things are changing at the MMO command center. Announced yesterday, SOE announced that several servers will be merging, both for the PC and PS3 (not not cross-platform merging). The newly dubbed “Super Server” is being promoted as a way to cut down on queue times, as it isn’t fun to play an MMO without other people. The number of servers will be cut down to a total of four across the entire game – two for the US and two for Europe, one for PC and PS3 in each region. There have been no clarifications as to how PvE and PvP player will maneuver around the game, but SOE said “We’ll have more details at a future date.” PC testing will take place first in the coming weeks, and the PS3 version will get updated after more information has been acquired.

It all sounds like a great way to increase fun and group interactions in the game, but what does it mean that server mergers are happening so early in the game’s lifecycle? Long queue times could mean an absence of player population. Are you still playing DC Universe Online (or would you be if the PlayStation Network was up)?