Dylan Jobe Says “The Wait is Over Next Friday”, Starhawk Preps For Launch

Due to the incredible amount of games that Sony has to show every E3, it has become a tradition for the publisher to announce games in the days running up to the trade convention. This year, it looks like Sony will be unveiling LightBox Interactive’s debut PS3 title later this month.

Strongly believed to be Starhawk, the follow up to the critical and fan hit Warhawk, the game will finally be revealed on Friday 13th, with the developer’s President, Dylan Jobe, tweeting:

The wait is over next Friday… #DylanLightsTheFuse

Additionally, GTTV have revealed that there will be a “Sony Surprise” during their Friday show, making it highly likely that Starhawk, or whatever the game will finally be called, will be débuted during the show. Described by David Jaffe as “super fresh and cool”, recent rumors suggest that the game will be a full retail release and sport a new game engine.

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