Soul Calibur V to Mirror Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?

May 18, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

Not much is known about Soul Calibur V. Fans have been wanting the answers to questions such as: What will the gameplay be like? What’s the focus of the game? How will it stand out among the revitalized Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat franchises?

With rumors running wild, the best way to clarify things is to talk with a “man on the inside”. Enter Hisaharu Tago. Hisaharu Tago, Soul Calibur V Producer, answered a few questions about what we can expect to see in Soul Calibur V. One of the answers, seems to be taken directly from the pages of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

In a recent interview Tago-san, mentioned via translator that the series needed to be updated. He went on to say that, given there would be 4-5 years between Soul Calibur IV and V that the game needed to be updated “according to the market and the needs of the fans”. Tago-san then talked about the core of any fighting game: the fighting system. Hisaharu described the goal of the fight system as “lighter, faster and sharper” and continued by saying something reminiscent of MvC3’s Simple Mode.

The goal is not have lightning fast action on the screen. The goal is to have the game easier to play.

While it’s not entirely clear just how “easy” the game will be, it is clear that it won’t simply be a fresh coat of paint on Soul Calibur V. This early into the development cycle, Tago-san wouldn’t provide any more details on the subject. Given the wild popularity of fighting games in recent years, it makes sense to get the title into both the hardcore and non-hardcore segments of gaming—provided the fighting system is solid and balanced.

With E3 on the horizon, hopefully a few more details will surface at the biggest gaming show of the year.