Street Fighter X Tekken Gets New Blood

May 20, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

Yoshinori Ono teased us a few days ago with images of an unknown character poised to enter the Street Fighter X Tekken world. Who that character is still remains a mystery. Based upon a new teaser released by Capcom we do know one thing: the target on Ryu’s back just got bigger.

According to Street Fighter canon, if anyone has a bone to pick with Ryu it’s Sagat. After all, Ryu is responsible for the scar on Sagat’s chest with a brilliantly timed (as recreated in awesome fashion in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie) Shoryuken counter. “Teaser 2” on the official Street Fighter X Tekken site strongly hints that Sagat is joining the roster, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that it’s Adon. He’s made a return in Street Fighter IV, and would have a score to settle with Ryu as well for what he did to his Sensei. Personally, this has to be Sagat. Take a look at the images and the official site and decide for yourself.