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Street Fighter X Tekken To Showdown at E3

May 18, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

The staff at PSLS is counting down the days until E3. Evidently we aren’t the only ones; Yoshinori Ono, Producer of Street Fighter X Tekken, is too. In a few recent tweets, Ono leaked details by not only answering questions, but also leaking a very revealing photo.

To sum things up, expect E3 to provide major details on Street Fighter X Tekken. When Ono was asked “Will Street Fighter X Tekken be at E3 2011 ? “ by A_F_D, the answer wasn’t just a yes. Yoshinori Ono said:

Yeah, I’ll be ready [with a] new version [of the game] at E3. ;D

While not specifying exactly what would be new, he pseudo answered by leaking a pic [see below] with his signature Blanka present, and an unclear fighter in the background. Characters such as Jin Kazama, are almost a lock for the game, yet have yet to be announced. Could this happen at E3 in this new build? The answer to that is unclear, but if if previous new builds released by Ono are an indication, we should expect to someone new in the next few weeks.