Japanese System Sales Show Sony Standing Strong, Selling Steadily

Fueled by software appealing to the Japanese public, Sony systems were able to maintain good sales this week, with an exception being the PSPgo. Lacking physical media in a land that demands it, the download-only game system saw its sales drop to double digits for the first time I remember ever seeing a system’s sales get that low, except if we’re talking about the Virtual Boy… in Ethiopia… in 2009. It shifted just 65 units. I’m no math whiz, but even I can tell you that’s less than 10 per day of the week.

The full list, as released by Media Create, goes like this:

PSP: 30,463

3DS: 17,240

PS3: 12,935

Wii: 6,269

DSi LL: 5,176

DSi: 4,938

Xbox 360: 2,186

PS2: 1,129

DS Lite: 158

PSPgo: 65

The 3DS continues to suffer from its well-documented lack of appealing software. Presumably, the best is yet to come for the young system, though. I mean hey, even the glorious PlayStation 3 had only a so-so launch lineup and in the gaming world at large, the machine was the butt of a lot of jokes for a couple of years after it hit the market. Any system can rebound, so Nintendo’s fight in the new round of handheld wars is far from over.