Japanese Weekly Hardware Sales Chart: PS4 Holds Second Spot

So, if you are keen to know what gamers in Japan are playing right now, check out the latest software sales in the territory. Meanwhile, consumers on the Japanese market are, unsurprisingly, going for the Nintendo Switch, which is still the best-selling console in that particular region. In regards to PlayStation 4 sales, well, Sony’s console is just behind the Switch. It has not accumulated as much sales as Nintendo’s recently released gaming system, but it’s doing okay.

Reportedly, all the PS4 models combined have generated 25,000 units sold in total. Check it out:

Hardware Sales (with last week’s sales also shown):

  • Nintendo Switch – 48,062 (40,834)
  • PlayStation 4 – 19,090 (20,174)
  • PlayStation 4 Pro – 6,048 (6,497)
  • New 2DS LL – 3,862 (3,640)
  • PlayStation Vita – 3,099 (3,955)
  • New 3DS LL – 2,715 (2,736)
  • Xbox One X – 733 (56)
  • 2DS – 475 (466)
  • Xbox One – 53 (70)

Of course, this shows just how much gamers in Japan still prefer Nintendo over all other mainstream gaming systems. Sony is still doing okay, but Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do.

It must also be said that titles like Fate/Extella Link and Dark Souls Remastered are also doing great on Japanese territories. In addition, Detroit: Become Human is also clinging to its spot on the top 10 best-selling titles for the week.

[Source: Push Square and 4Gamer.net]