Lots of Darksiders 2 Information Preparing to Gallop Onto the Scene

While big-name AAA titles are usually the ones to receive most of the industry’s hard-earned attention, there are some real gems out there that could use some support. Darksiders, an action-adventure game released in early 2010, could be considered one of those few titles a year that comes out, delivers a thoroughly satisfying experience, but doesn’t quite get the fame to go along with it. Ultimately, the game remains just as a solid, and the real losses come to those who never get to try it out. However, that doesn’t keep a game like Darksiders from developing itself into a successful IP, and Darksiders 2 is in development to make that a reality.

Executive vice president of THQ, Danny Bilson, shared an exciting pre-announcement for Darksiders 2 on his Twitter feed. The post states:

Darksiders2 news coming very soon in a big way! Well, a few big ways.

Darksiders 2 has been confirmed for a while now, and even has a 2012 release date, but we’re all still waiting to see and hear more about it. There’s still no trailer, no gameplay, or really even details other than the fact that a new protagonist will arrive along with it. The game is still about a year away, so THQ has plenty of time to generate some hype and ensure that everyone hears about it.

With E3 coming in less than two weeks, you can bet your boots that we’ll be hearing about Darksiders 2 on or around that time frame. Stay tuned.