Snakebyte Aims to Bring Affordable 3D to the Masses, Sans Glasses

Snakebyte, who you may be familiar with thanks to their Bluetooth PS3 controller released last year, is always looking for a new accessory category to tap into. This time around, they have announced a glasses-free solution to 3D on existing televisions. Could the answer be in the cable?

According to a posting by consolemonster, the peripheral company has partnered with Darbee Visual Technology to apparently produce a convincing 3D effect without the need to upgrade your television. According to the company, a single specialized cable is all it will take to convert regular 2D images to 3D. The cable apparently utilizes “the neurological and biological principles that underlie human vision to add a three-dimensional component to two-dimensional images.” Glasses-free 3D has typically involved a new type of screen altogether, and the resulting size of those screens has stayed rather small – see the Nintendo 3DS as a prime example. But if this cable truly works as intended, it may be the next best thing to the much more expensive route of traditional stereoscopic 3D. The cable will support 1080p resolution as well, and no further information nor a price has been given. However, Snakebyte is going to be exhibiting at E3 this year as Sunflex USA LLC, so if they have the cable there you can be sure we are going to give you whatever information and impressions we can!