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Uncharted: Golden Abyss Announced, More Gameplay Shown

Arguably the best new franchise of this generation, Uncharted blew people away with Drake’s Fortune, amazed them with Among Thieves and is sure to push the bar even higher this November with Drake’s Deception. The series will also be debuting on a handheld platform for the first time, coming the the NGP under the development of Sony Bend rather than Naughty Dog. At a Pre-E3 press event, Sony officially titled the game: Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Golden Abyss has been confirmed as a launch title for the NGP – whenever that is – and will utilize the touch screen controls of the handheld to make a unique and engaging experience. The PlayStation Blog have posted a two and a half minute video showing the game in action:



More on Golden Abyss is sure to be announced at E3 next week, as well as more on the NGP/Vita (hopefully including when the device releases).