More Sly Cooper 4 Hints Not-So Subtly Dropped in inFamous 2

Sucker Punch Productions is not ashamed to leave hints and secrets all over their game worlds. First after a jab at the 360 in their Beta, the inFamous 2 demo is leaving its own messages to fans.

While a fourth entry in the Sly Cooper series doesn’t seem all that unlikely anymore, we’ve still had no hard confirmation from Sony or Sucker Punch. Back in 2009 Sucker Punch dropped the Sly 4 moniker into the original inFamous, it was quickly forgotten. But once the teaser from getting the Platinum unveiled the secret Sly 4 teaser, suddenly the rumors started up again. It could be for real this time! Sucker Punch seems to be pulling at our heartstrings again, as those who have played the inFamous 2 demo have undoubtedly seen.

In the evil mission of the demo, you’ll find Cole in a square in front of a theater. What film is playing you ask? Well, why don’t you see for yourself?

Now Playing: Sly 4 – Yes, We Can Can. Now that inFamous 2 will be releasing on Tuesday, the question is: What is Sucker Punch’s next project? Will this new Sly Cooper game be officially unveiled at E3 next week? Or will Sly stay in the shadows for a bit longer? Only time will tell.