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New Twisted Metal Trailer Takes on Transformers, Wins

While the game was sadly absent from Sony’s E3 conference, a new trailer has appeared for Twisted Metal that shows off a brand new gameplay mechanic. David Jaffe has been busy on Twitter giving a lot of new information on the mechanic as well, so check out the trailer and his tweets below.

A new Twisted Metal trailer shows Sweet Tooth’s ice-cream truck flying off a canyon road, and then transforming into a mech in mid-air. The ice-cream mech then flies through the air launching missiles and explosives at the semi-truck car shown off in a previous trailer. Some people have asked Jaffe how prevalent the transforming mechanic will be in Twisted Metal. Jaffe replied via Twitter:

Such a robot-centric trailer though that- in hindsight- I can see people thinking we’re turning Twisted into Transformers. NOTHING of the sort. In fact, tune in to the Sony blog tomorrow to see some more traditional vehicle combat in a brand new level. Traditional non robotic, non flying vehicle combat makes up about 95% of the game, fyi.

Jaffe then went on to say that only Sweet Tooth will be able to transform and only for a limited time.

Just to be clear: not all vehicles transform and fly in the new Twisted Metal. Just Sweet Tooth. It takes precious turbo to fly and do Sweet Slam+Tooth is not super fast or mega armored.

Jaffe also went on to say that although Twisted Metal will not be part of Sony’s press conference, there will be brand new gameplay on the show floor and “new stuff for press.” Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for all your Twisted Metal related news.