Resistance 3 Demo Available on Asian PSN Store Now [Update: It’s Not Anymore]

Update: Unfortunately, the demo has been removed.

Resistance 3 is being shown off to the press at E3 right now, but if you’re not in LA and want to get an early look at the game, we have some good news: the demo is on the Asian PSN right now.

If you don’t want to wait until Tuesday in the US to buy the Battle: LA Blu-ray with the demo on it, or wait for an unspecified time in Europe, you can log on to the Singaporean and Malaysian PSN and download the 1575 MB demo, and don’t worry, it is in English.

The demo is based on the fantastic looking boat level, with Insomniac saying that the demo will last around 30 minutes. Unfortunately, as the Hong Kong store still isn’t up yet, if you created a HK account it won’t work. Luckily, creating a Singapore account is all in English, so it isn’t too difficult.

Thanks tiger7758!