Cross Game Chat #41 – E3 Wrap-up

E3 is finally over and the guys sit down to talk about everything they saw at the show. Since Josh was not able to attend E3 this year, he gets to host the podcast.

This week, the regular crew is joined by special guests Joseph Peterson and Jonathan Leack. We skip the news this week and go straight into our E3 discussion.

Topics of E3 discussion

  • PlayStation Vita
  • Best 1st party titles
  • Best 3rd party titles
  • Coolest booth at E3
  • Coolest booth babe at E3
  • Best “little” game
  • Biggest surprise of show
  • Biggest disappointment of show
  • Best title on another platform
  • Best swag

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Let us know what you thought about this year’s E3 by sending an email to [email protected]. Next weekend, you can catch a live recoding of our podcast on JTV.