PS Vita Jackpot: New Video, PC Screensaver, YouTube Channel

Coming out of E3 with a blowout off information, game announcements and demonstrations, news and an affordable price tag, the PlayStation Vita is currently one of the hottest topics in gaming. Sony is looking to keep the hype train at full speed and has opened up a specialized PS Vita YouTube channel that features plenty of goodies, along with some new tidbits of information and an all-new video.

Upon visiting the YouTube channel, you’ll be asked to try your luck at a PS Vita slot machine. Pull the lever and give the slots a spin to see all of the features that the PS Vita packs (that’s a lot of spins). So, what do you win? A brand-new PS Vita montage video showing an brief yet revealing look at some of the Vita’s most-anticipated titles, and an exclusive PS Vita dynamic screensaver. Check out pics of the screensaver below:

We’re still pulling the lever to see what else we can turn up on the PlayStation Vita. We’ll keep you posted if we find anything else of interest. For now, check out the video below, or visit the PS Vita YouTube Channel and take the slots for a spin yourself.