PS Vita to Have “Voice Recognition Gaming”

If you weren’t happy with the fact that you could only use ten buttons, two analog sticks, two multitouch touch pads, two cameras and SixAxis support to control the PlayStation Vita, good news: the handheld may receive yet another control method – voice recognition.

Over on the new, and very stylish, PS Vita YouTube page (that has a free screensaver), Sony have let it slip that the ultra-powerful PSP successor will have “Voice Recognition Gaming,” so the microphone won’t just be used for Skype and multiplayer matches.

Voice recognition opens up a whole host of gameplay possibilities, as long as developers implement the support. With Microsoft’s Kinect starting to receive games that use voice control – such as Mass Effect 3 – it is possible that there could even be titles made for Kinect and Vita, despite the platforms initially seeming rather different. However, the one drawback is that the Vita is a portable device, and so you may end up being in a rather noisy and crowded place while you are prompted to shout out chat up lines to aliens in Mass Effect.

We’re excited to see more on the voice recognition support, and will certainly bring you more news on it as soon as it’s announced/accidentally let slip.