EA Sports Immortalizes Next NHL Cover Athlete

EA Sports cover athletes have been a cause for discussion for years now, and the NHL series has been a major part of it. With NHL 12 only a few months away, it’s only natural that a star gets enshrined as part of the few that have ever made it to store shelves.

During this year’s NHL awards show in Las Vegas, it was revealed that Tampa Bay Lightning all-star Steven Stamkos will be on the cover of NHL 12. Stamkos has been an outstanding player over the past two years, and at the age of 21 he has already done what many take several years to accomplish. Although he hasn’t won a championship yet, he aided in bringing the Lightning to a game 7 this year against the team who would eventually go on to win the Stanley Cup, the Boston Bruins. His nose was broken during the game, but he stayed in and kept battling which showed his persistence and determination, two qualities that are key for any cover athlete.

We had a chance to play NHL 12 at this year’s E3, and it was a surprise to see that it just might follow suit after last year’s award-winning release. Check out our NHL 12 preview, and see what this title will have to offer this September.