Team ICO Relocating to be Able to “Take on The World”

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your entire life; cross-country or across town it still requires an inordinate amount of work. Now imagine you’re working on one of the most anticipated games on the PS3 and it’s time to relocate right in the middle of your project—now you know how Fumito Ueda feels.

Fumito Ueda, Director and Lead Designer on The Last Guardian, will take a brief break from work on his current project while his team is relocated from it’s current Aoyama studio location. In a recent tweet Ueda said (translated):

Starting next week, TRICO’s production base will move to Shinagawa. We’re looking forward to a major reformation of our development environment as a video game studio that can take on the world.

With the lack of news on The Last Guardian lately, hopefully the relocation of the team to it’s new home, any distractions can now be eliminated. Ueda-san is typically good about providing updates via tweets, so expect more news once he’s all settled in.