Dry Off PlayStation Style

We talk about it all the time, but quality licensed merchandise remains hard to be come by. Every so often we get something fantastic like a set of clocks to help watch the day go by, but sadly it’s a rare thing. Well, stop the presses… ok well at least the internet-based virtual ones.

Taito, who gave us the gorgeous PlayStation clocks mentioned earlier, have struck back with, of all things, towels. Now we hear me out, these are actually pretty darn cool. Taito is releasing three PlayStation microfiber towels that make a welcome addition to any set of existing PlayStation gear. If the fact that they weren’t officially licensed wasn’t enough, we have a nice selection that actually looks extremely high quality. The choices are below:

White PlayStation button-stream design

PlayStation Portable on blue background

PlayStation buttons on black background

Each towel is roughly 2 feet in length and is available for order right now.