I Am Alive Lives, Gets Rated By Australian Classification Board

With a troubled development that was passed from Darkworks to Ubisoft Shanghai, several delays and a “total re-engineering of the game”, I Am Alive has had trouble proving that it is, in fact, alive. While the game was suspiciously absent from this year’s E3, I Am Alive has now been rated by the Australian Classification Board, proving that it is still in development.

Rated 15 by the board only moments ago, the game includes “strong violence” and is multiplatform. While the Australian Board is known for rating games rather early, it still suggests that the game is coming reasonably soon, and confirms that it is still is in development. The last known release date for I Am Alive was Q2 April 2010 to Q2 March 2011 – something that obviously never became a reality.

The game takes place in Chicago after a major earthquake destroys the city and separates it from mainland. In the meantime, the rest of the world is suffering from a severe water shortage.