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Rockstar’s Unrevealed ‘Bonaire’ Refused Classification by Australian Ratings Board

Apparently, Australia’s IARC ratings board has put a stop to another title receiving classification. This time, the hammer’s been thrown down on an unannounced Rockstar title referred to as “Bonaire.” Essentially, this means the title, likely due to sexual content, drugs, or a certain level of violence, will not be accepted by the Australian ratings board as it currently stands. Details about what “Bonaire” could be remain under wraps. However, there are a few signs that suggest it may have something to do with Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Online content.

According to a report form Kotaku Australia, the IARC has effectively banned “Bonaire.” Based on the IARC’s website listing, this decision was handed down a few weeks ago. Clearly, the ratings board hasn’t budged on its stance. It’s also unclear as to why specifically the title was outright refused classification. Given that the likes of Hotline Miami 2 and We Happy Few have received similar denials, the specific reasoning could be related to any number of things.

Whether or not other territories are currently in the process of rating “Bonaire” also remains unknown. Regardless, the question of what this title references still lingers and will likely do so for some time. Yet, there’s one hint to suggest it may somehow concern Red Dead Redemption 2. As noted in the Kotaku AU report, Bonaire is actually the name of a Caribbean island that lies off the coast of Venezuela. In Chapter 5 of the Rockstar prequel, Arthur and some of the gang find themselves stranded in Guarma, a fictional island near Cuba. Cuba, of course, is not too far from the South American country of Venezuela.

If Bonaire does become a location in Red Dead 2, might it be for story DLC or another way to expand Red Dead Online offerings? For now, we can’t be too certain of anything in particular.

[Source: Kotaku AU via GamesRadar]