Take-Two has hinted at GTA 6 release date window

GTA 6 Rating Found on Australian Board’s Website But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

A GTA 6 rating has popped up on the Australian Classification Board’s website, sparking rumors of a reveal and release date. Unfortunately, however, the rating has turned out to be an elaborate hoax that someone has seemingly spent money on.

Take-Two previously hinted at GTA 6 release date window but hasn’t announced it

The fake rating in question is dated April 2, 2023, and awards the game a classification of 15+. Considering how strict Australia is (Target Australia famously pulled GTA V from store shelves) and the fact that the previous game received an 18+ Restricted rating, this entry looked suspicious to begin with.

GTANet — one of the largest and oldest GTA communities online — dug a bit deeper and found that GTA 6’s rating board page contains text and information that differs from actual submissions by Rockstar Games. GTANet also found several other fake ratings on the Australian Board’s website.

Sadly, it looks like whoever is behind this hoax spent a minimum of AUD 430 on misleading players.

Publisher Take-Two Interactive previously teased “several groundbreaking titles” in fiscal year 2025, which starts April 2024 and ends March 2025. However, there’s no word of a GTA 6 reveal, let alone a release window at this time.