Battlefield 3’s Degree of Customization is Staggering

June 30, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

If there’s one game that has shooter fans googly eyed this year, Battlefield 3 is the one. DICE’s latest product had one of the longest lines at E3, and topics about the game have attracted tons of attention over the past few weeks. Quite frankly, the game looks outstanding, but the most important factor for its potential success will be whether or not it has the “it” factor. In other words, does it not only make you excited to come home and play, and play for weeks and weeks.

A handful of user questions were submitted to Electronic Arts regarding Battlefield 3 this past week, and now many of them have been answered. EA’s product manager, Kevin O’Leary, answered a wealth of great questions, one of which exposed the vast amount of customization, even more than previous iterations.

This is the biggest battlefield we’ve ever made so the customization is huge and open. There’s three slots on every weapon so you can clip things on like a flashlight or flash suppressor, tons and tons of things. Optics… I can’t even believe how many optics they’ve gotten into the game.

Okay, so there’s lots of customization, but you might be wondering how many possible configurations there will be. Kevin O’Leary stated:

Thousands! Probably tens or hundreds of thousands.

The previous Battlefield releases never had an issue with variety, mostly due to the enjoyable vehicles and a solid selection of classes which each had their own set of skills. With that said, being able to unlock, configure, and equip tons of weapons and more should provide some fun for those looking to optimize and show off. Most of all, there will be a lot of it. Not even the latest Call of Duty releases can argue with tens of thousands of possible load-outs. That’s simply staggering.

Battlefield 3 was one of our Best of E3 Award winners. If you’re wondering why the game is attracting so much attention, be sure to check out the 8-minute trailer that EA released earlier this month.