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Uncharted Film Recruits New Director, Possibilities Limitless

Game-to-film adaptations seem to be almost universally cursed, with most left in a pre-production limbo, while those that are released are critically panned and hated by the fans of the games. Many thought that the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune film would end up becoming this generation’s Doom after rumors of a Mark Wahlberg-starring movie about a family of treasure hunters began to circulate. But now that director David O. Russell has left, there is still a chance for the movie to do the games justice.

Variety reports that director Neil Burger is finalising negotiations to take the reins of the franchise as both director and co-screenwriter. Burger most recently directed Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, as well as The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones. With Russell gone, it is not known whether Mark Wahlberg will remain interested in playing Nathan Drake, or if Burger would be interested in casting him.

Can Uncharted break the movie curse, or is it destined to be a train-wreck? Let us know what you think in the comments below.