Limbo Coming to PSN on July 19th, Possibly with Extra Content

Limbo is one of the few games that PlayStation 3 owners were rightfully jealous of with it being restricted to an Xbox 360 release only. The game has won a number of awards, and is easily one of the best downloadable titles to date on any platform. PS3 owners need to take notice now that it’s coming to the PS3, and now, we finally know when.

Limbo will be arriving on the PlayStation Store on July 19th in North America and on July 20th in Europe. The best news about this, is that Danish indie developer PlayDead, has teased “a little secret in store” for the PlayStation 3 version of Limbo. No word on what that might be, but that’s either some sort of extra content, or maybe a bonus PSN avatar or something along those lines.

Even without that “little secret”, Limbo is a game you simply must buy and enjoy. You’ll be glad you did.