Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Confirmed

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Will Come With Updated Trophies

Update: Ubisoft has officially announced the upcoming remaster.

Following a rating board leak in August, Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition has been confirmed by a now-deleted Xbox Store listing. The game actually became playable for Ubisoft+ subscribers briefly before the publisher realized the blooper and pulled it.

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition listing mentions “updated” trophies/achievements

BG&E 20th Anniversary Edition will come with updated graphics, a new mode, and updated “achievements,” according to the Xbox Store. This presumably means we’ll get updated trophies as well. The original release didn’t come with trophies since it launched on the PS2, but BG&E’s HD version on the PS3 did come with them sans a Platinum trophy. Here’s hoping the latest entry — which is supposed to be released on both the PS4 and PS5 — will come with a Platinum.

Other bells and whistles include a new Speedrun mode, support for 4K and 60 fps, improved graphics and controls, enhanced audio, and brand-new autosave and cross-save features. “Enjoy exclusive new rewards as you explore the planet and discover more about Jade’s past in a new treasure hunt throughout Hillys,” reads the deleted Xbox listing. “Put your skills to the test thanks to the new speedrun mode and updated trophies, and learn more about the game’s development and secrets in the anniversary gallery!”