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Here’s the First Beyond Good & Evil 2 In-Engine Demo

Get an early look at what Ancel and his team is doing.

new Splinter Cell

Ubisoft Open to Reviving Splinter Cell and Other Dormant Franchises, Talks Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Prolonged Development

Michel Ancel has a very specific vision for “enormous” sequel.

Ancel: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is at “Day Zero of Development,” More WiLD News in the Coming Year

They hope to be back in a year with a playable demo.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 PS4, Xbox One & PC Release Suggested By Website

But Michel Ancel says platforms haven’t been announced yet.

E3 2017 – Ubisoft Has Announced Beyond Good and Evil 2


Beyond Good & Evil 2 Won’t Be at E3 2017

“Sometime this year” is a lock though!

10 Great Video Game Heroines

These awesome characters should be celebrated.

Report: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Exclusive to Nintendo Switch for 12 Months

Then it will come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Michael Ancel Talks About Beyond Good & Evil 2 Delay

“Too much technical issues”

Ubisoft May Reveal Beyond Good & Evil 2 Alongside Nintendo NX

A semi-reboot, as opposed to a full overhaul.

New Beyond Good & Evil Officially Confirmed

Platforms not confirmed.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Now Appears to Be in Pre-Production

He’s working on it at Ubisoft.

Michel Ancel Posts Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teaser on “Ubisoft Day” as the Studio Fights Off Takeover

Ubisoft is safe…for now.

Looks Like Michel Ancel Is Teasing Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ancel thanks Ubisoft for making “this” possible.

Report: Beyond Good & Evil 2 to Be Nintendo NX Exclusive

Nintendo’s apparently funding it.

Michel Ancel Reaffirms Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Still Coming

Dormant, not dead.

Ubisoft Isn’t Ready to Talk About Beyond Good & Evil 2

It’s still too early, it seems.

Report: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Game Director Not Working on Title (Update)

“Nothing to talk about right now,” Ubisoft states.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale This Weekend is all About Femme Fatales

Get your PSN wallet ready.