Here’s the First Beyond Good & Evil 2 In-Engine Demo

Ubisoft and Creative Director Michel Ancel have published the first in-engine demo of Beyond Good & Evil 2which was shown off behind closed doors at E3 2017. As Ancel explains, it’s a mix between a tech demo and the actual game with some gameplay elements, and the assets are a work-in-progress.

For a full-screen look at Beyond Good & Evil 2’s gameplay, skip ahead to 1:40. At 4:50, he goes into the developer edition mode where he can move the camera around the world. At 6:50, he shows that there’s no loading when going to another city. Ancel’s commentary continues throughout the 14-minute video, where he talks about what they’re planning for the sequel.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was at day zero of development during E3 2017, and platforms haven’t been officially announced yet. If you want to be a part of BG&E 2’s development, sign up for the Space Monkey Program.

What do you think of Beyond Good & Evil 2 at this early stage of development?

[Source: Space Monkey Program, Michel Ancel (1), (2) via NeoGAF]