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ubisoft e3 2018

Ubisoft Details E3 2018 Lineup, Will Feature Tons of New Titles

Expect some surprises, too!

beyond good and evil 2 gameplay

Check Out New Footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Characters and Spaceships

Check out some fluid sword movement!

beyond good and evil 2 stream

Latest Beyond Good & Evil 2 Details Shared in New Videos

Share your feedback!

Ubisoft Doesn’t See Beyond Good & Evil 2 As Much of a Risk

The toys-to-life Starlink: Battle for Atlas is.

Here’s the First Beyond Good & Evil 2 In-Engine Demo

Get an early look at what Ancel and his team is doing.

new Splinter Cell

Ubisoft Open to Reviving Splinter Cell and Other Dormant Franchises, Talks Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Prolonged Development

Michel Ancel has a very specific vision for “enormous” sequel.

Ancel: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is at “Day Zero of Development,” More WiLD News in the Coming Year

They hope to be back in a year with a playable demo.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 PS4, Xbox One & PC Release Suggested By Website

But Michel Ancel says platforms haven’t been announced yet.

E3 2017 – Ubisoft Has Announced Beyond Good and Evil 2


Beyond Good & Evil 2 Won’t Be at E3 2017

“Sometime this year” is a lock though!

Report: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Exclusive to Nintendo Switch for 12 Months

Then it will come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Michel Ancel: Ubisoft Lives to Create New Things

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was never cancelled.

Michael Ancel Talks About Beyond Good & Evil 2 Delay

“Too much technical issues”

Ubisoft May Reveal Beyond Good & Evil 2 Alongside Nintendo NX

A semi-reboot, as opposed to a full overhaul.

New Beyond Good & Evil Officially Confirmed

Platforms not confirmed.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Now Appears to Be in Pre-Production

He’s working on it at Ubisoft.

Michel Ancel Posts Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teaser on “Ubisoft Day” as the Studio Fights Off Takeover

Ubisoft is safe…for now.

Looks Like Michel Ancel Is Teasing Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ancel thanks Ubisoft for making “this” possible.

Report: Beyond Good & Evil 2 to Be Nintendo NX Exclusive

Nintendo’s apparently funding it.

Michel Ancel Reaffirms Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Still Coming

Dormant, not dead.