The Cursed Crusade Dated with Low Price

Atlus has finally nailed down a date, price, and box art for their upcoming co-op adventure, The Cursed Crusade. Now wait, why are we talking price, aren’t all games listed at $60? Glad you asked because Atlus has decided to release The Cursed Crusade on October 11th for the low price of $39.99.

Atlus describes this lower price point as a “lower, more attractive” area for “gamers faced with a packed holiday release schedule.” Try as hard as you might, but it’s really hard to argue with that kind of logic and it should help push more copies of the game, though it doesn’t need a lot of help from what we played at E3.

With the release information, Atlus has also revealed the box art, screenshots and a trailer dubbed “Templar’s Curse” so it enjoy that all below and look forward to our review closer to the release date.